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Download Fest 09

Posted by AubergineLock - March 19th, 2009

Just out of curiosity, how many of you UK dwelling dudes are planning on coming along? Minus a couple, the lineup is looking rather tasty. I would also like to hang with ZZ Top, and bask in the glory of their beards.

I think some folk from the LL are coming along so maybe i can stalk them and touch them in their tents at night tee hee heHEGEHAhh...

Download Fest 09


I want to see Motley Crue!!!

Too bad I live very far away.

Been other years but not sure about this one - decent line up but I've seen most of them except Slipknot. Not worth my £200 and weekend of no sleep and pissing in a river of turds yet.

Dream Theater would be good to see. I've seen Motley Crue in April 2006, they sucked live. Def Leppard likes to tour a lot.

Overall good bands.

Ill be there.

Wanna see Dream Theater, killswitch, Slipknot, the prodigy, devil driver, clutch, down... Fuck the lineups actually looking really good just typing this :)

Bad ass!

Needs more ACDC

They're rumored for Reading, but i'll be seeing them at Wembley in the summer.

I'd be all over this...

If it weren't for the fact I don't live in the UK... Shame shame.

I've seen Motley Crue before (Fuck you deevvon, they kick ass live), so I'm not missing anything there.

I've missed them every oppertunity they've played before. At Download, they're playing at the same time as Faith No More, so i might miss them yet again :(

I've heard they can be pretty amazing live though.

Metallix, they were horrid when I seen them. The show was an hour and a half long, Tommy Lee never did a drum solo and Vince Neil was a complete wreck and forgot most of the lyrics.

I'd go...but there's that whole UK dwelling business that doesn't include me...and the whole midnight molestation part freaks me out just a bit too. :D

hello old chum


I Would love to come along on such a Wonderfull Event but It Appears as If I live Across the pond old chap! =D

You could drive there from NY in 30 minutes!

I wish I lived in the UK right now. :(

Although, I couldn't hear KoRn without Head and David. It wouldn't be the same. :(